Family Owned. Locally Built.

Meet The Owners

T&S Modular founders Travis and Sharona Towns shared a special bond ever since they were little kids growing up together. Their bond became even more special when the two began dating a couple of decades ago. Finally, it became official with their marriage on May 1st, 2005.

With Travis’s layoff in 2018, the Towns family decided to take their fate into their own hands. That is when Sharona left her corporate job so the two could focus on building T&S Modular, their own company, together.

Now Travis and Sharona enjoy the freedom they need to truly put their clients’ needs first. Whether they are installing, relocating or removing a manufactured home or modular office, they treat every job like they’re attaching their names to it – indeed, the “T&S” in their business’s name means they are doing exactly that.

T&S Modular does more than build on Travis’s long-standing reputation for excellence in our industry. This is a family business which revolves around trust, honesty, and creating a legacy that the Towns children will continue building for themselves one day. We hope to show you the difference that level of passion delivers soon!

Please contact T&S Modular today to learn more about Travis and Sharona’s pride in what we do!